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Day 3 Morning

Day 3 Morning


We started this last day with a session on Curriculum Design by Dr. Morgan Soffler (@msoffler). She walked us through Kern’s 6 step curriculum design: problem identification, targeted needs assessment, goals &objectives, educational strategies, implementation, evaluation & feedback. Dr. Soffler stressed that this is not a linear process and is iterative. There was a lot of discussion about the importance of rigor and structure when creating a curriculum.


Next, we had an enthusiastic talk from Dr. Ted James (@tedjamesmd) about leading change in medical education. Dr. James inspired us to go back to the groups or organizations we lead and make some changes! Times are changing and change requires leadership! Medical education should reflect the realities of clinical practice, so change is needed. Leading change starts with vision and ends with impact with strategy and training necessary steps along the way. Dr. James told us that the best way to prepare for the future is to make it! Go forth and lead!

We finished off the course with a powerful and inspiring talk on a important subject – cultivating well-being– by Dr. Charlie Hatem. He talked about organization strategies to change the current system and culture and gave these key questions for change:

  1. How explicit is the organizational commitment to well-being?

  2. Is your workforce regularly assessed?

  3. Is leadership development for transformative change available?

  4. Are organizational policies and practice regularly reviewed? 

  5. Are efforts in place to make the work environment more efficient?

  6. Is there clear support to do one’s job?*

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