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  • Patrick Lawlor

Day 2 Afternoon

Dr. Chris Smith (@ccsmith269) came back for his second talk on assessment of learning. He taught us that to be competent one must possess the required skills in all domains within a certain context at a defined stage of education or practice. He discussed the important issues of “competent vs. competence.” Dr. Smith added another pyramid to our repertoire of pyramids – Miller’s Pyramid (knows, knows how, shows how, does) and talked about how to get the top of Miller’s Pyramid! (We are certainly seeing a theme here now in this course – how do we get our learners to top of pyramids! We warned you that there would be LOTS of triangles!) Dr. Smith shared with us that “assessment drives learning and learning is the key purpose of assessment.”


Dr. Tisha Wang (@drtishawang) from UCLA gave us an inspiring talk on mentorship! She shared some of the literature about why mentorship matters:

·      Having a mentor increases confidence and productivity

·      Those with effective mentors have a higher chance of getting promoted and getting grants

·      Mentoring can help decrease burnout


Dr. Wang taught us that the best mentors recognize the relationship, encourage exploration and value the mentee above the organization. She shared some tips on mentoring and we all had fun with the A Team game! She also taught us that there are 4 types of mentors – traditional mentor, coach, sponsor, and connector.



Dr. Carrie Tibbles (@ctibbles1) discussed real time strategies to address unprofessional behavior.  We talked about some of the challenges with professionalism. This was a tough topic to end the day with but one that we as educators face head on and must continue to!  Dr. Tibbles showed us another “disciplinary” triangle starting with a “cup of coffee” and ending with a “disciplinary intervention.”

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