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Day 2 Morning

We kicked off this morning with Dr. David Roberts talking about leveraging technology with an emphasis on generative AI and large language models.  He recommended some great resources to learn more:

·      The AI Revolution in Medicine by Peter Lee, Carey Goldberg & Isaac Kohane, Pearson, May 2023.

·      Lomis K, et al. Artificial Intelligence in Health Professions Educations. National Academies of Medicine Perspective. September 2021.


He encouraged everyone to experiment with ChatGPT ( and he and Rich did a live demonstration which highlighted some of the challenges of AI!


He talked about engagement and how this requires interactivity. He taught us that good technology is about content, technology is merely a tool and faculty development is key! He taught us that we have to be “agile” as an educators.



Dr. Schwartzstein then taught us about how to design and deliver more effective lectures – a big challenge these days! He started by telling us that we should call these LARGE GROUP INTERACTIVE SESSIONS!  He provided some techniques to improve learner engagement. (There is that word engagement again! How many times has this been brought up throughout the course?!?!) The goals of a good lecture are to inspire learners, challenge them, and transmit information. Dr. Schwartzstein expanded upon the use of questions that you heard about from Dr. Hayes and Dr. Fishman. Dr. Schwartzstein shared some tips and tricks for an effective flipped classroom and there was a lot of great discussion in the chat.


We ended the morning session with a phenomenal talk by Dr. Kerri Palamara (@PalamaraMcgrath) on well-being and coaching. She taught us that general well-being is a state of being comfortable, happy, or healthy. She made the important point that burnout is an obstacle to well-being, but absence of burnout ¹ well-being. She told us that as educators we et the tone for our teams and our learners and our styles and approaches send a message of what we value and believe is important. She showed us about shifting mindsets on in the individual and institutional levels and taught us some skills that we can use on ourselves and on our learners: Naming our emotions, using our energy, listening to really understand not to reply, and asking powerful questions. She taught us about the power of empathic listening.



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