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Day 3 - Morning

Leading Effective Change in
Medical Education

Dr. Ted James

Day 3 - Morning

Taking It All Home:

Embedding New Skills in Daily Practice

Course Directors

Day 3 - Morning

Challenges for the Clinician Educator:

Cultivating Well-Being and Preventing Burnout

Dr. Charles Hatem

Day 3 - Morning

Curriculum Design: Best Practices for Creation, Implementation and Evaluation

Dr. Morgan Soffler

Day 2 - Afternoon

Designing and Delivering More Effective Lectures: Techniques for Better Learner Engagement

Dr. Richard Schwartzstein

Day 2 - Afternoon

Coaching for Success: Supporting Trainee
Well-Being and Your 

Dr. Kerri Palamara

Day 2 - Morning

Walking and Chewing Gum at the Same Time:

Strategies for Effective Procedural Teaching

Dr. Sara Neves

Day 2 - Afternoon

Assessment of Learning:

Determining Competence

Dr. Christopher Smith

Day 2 - Morning

Teaching Professionalism Strategies
for the Frontline

Dr. Carrie Tibbles

Day 2 - Morning

Mentoring for the Future: Mentoring to Combat

and Attrition in Academic Medicine

Dr. Huma Farid

Day 1 - Afternoon

Strategies to Reduce Implicit Bias

Dr. Quinn Capers

Day 2 - Morning

Leveraging Technology in our Brave
New Medical Education Worlds

Dr. David Roberts

Day 1 - Afternoon

Clinical Bedside Teaching: Effective Techniques and Overcoming Barriers

Dr. Chris Smith

Day 1 - Afternoon

Defining Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking

& Clinical Reasoning

Dr. Richard Schwartzstein

Day 1 - Morning

Skills and Strategies to Improve
Small Group Teaching

Dr. Laurie Fishman

Day 1 - Morning

Feedback: Making it Powerful,
Effective and Efficient

Dr. K. Meredith Atkins

Day 1 - Morning

Effective Teaching:

Setting the Stage

Dr. David Roberts

Day 1 - Morning

Teaching in the 21st Century:

Leveraging the Science if Learning

Dr. Molly Hayes

TANGIBLE TAKE HOME - Distance Learning

Dr. Alexandra Hovaguimian, MD

TANGIBLE TAKE HOME  - Advocacy Inquiry

Morgan Soffler, MD


Daniel Ricotta, MD


Shreya Trivedi, MD

TANGIBLE TAKE HOME - Concept Mapping - Part 1

Richard Schwartzstein, MD

TANGIBLE TAKE HOME - Concept Mapping -

Jeremy Richards, MD

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